Music and Unborn Babies

FGLMusic plays an un-obvious but significant part in our daily lives. In an instant, a specific kind of music can cause relaxation or aggression. It has been observed to improve commercial and workplace atmosphere. Music is very influential.

Music for unborn babies have long been a subject of great interest and debate. Experts argue about the effect (if any) music has on unborn babies and whether there really is benefit for mothers to listen to music alongside their unborn while pregnant.

Observations made on a number of subjects during pregnancy and after birth seem to have significant results. All findings may not be officially declared to be general truths that would apply to all, suffice to say that a great many have noticed these two significant things:

Soothing music aids in a smooth pregnancy.

Findings that support this observation have been journaled by many.  Playing relaxing music for both mom and baby places them in a state of calm relaxation. Moms noticed that discomforts are lesser and the baby seems more at peace and still inside of them. Changes in the level of emotions or state of mood seem to always be interconnected between a mother and her unborn child. When moms relax, the babies inside them do as well, and vice versa.

Moms notice that babies exposed to music earlier on exhibit stability in emotions and respond well to ‘seeming’ stressors. Overall, they show themselves to be happy and balanced babies.

Fetal development is optimized.

Doctors and parents notice that fetal growth and development seemed to be at a faster rate among unborn babies that are exposed to music early on. Monthly developmental charts seem to be followed at a slightly faster pace. For one, hearing capacities and mental concentration are both developed early on. Babies born afterwards seem to adjust easily to the environment and babies are able to respond and learn at a quicker rate.

It is not accepted as fact but babies exposed to good music while still in the womb grow up to be very intelligent or very skilled. Moms of ‘gifted’ or exceling children all say the same thing: they think music during pregnancy helped their babies develop intelligence or creativity at a faster and significant rate than others.

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