5 Quirky Celebrity Apps

unnamedCelebrities have their own perfumes and calendars, so why not have their own app? Fortunately for fans, celebrities are embracing the mobile trend and several apps are now available for a few bucks or absolutely for free. There are all sorts of apps to satisfy everyone’s fandom needs. While some are total nonsense, here are five of the smart celebrity apps that are actually worth your time:

Celebrity GeoSpotter

Stalk all you want with this iPhone app which shows you exactly where your favorite star was last spotted. That’s pretty risky for the celebrities, if you ask me. How it works? Users can “spot” a celebrity; simply click the “I See One” button and select the celebrity you’ve seen. The app is easy to navigate so stalk to your heart’s content with no sweat at all.

Glam Life

What’s the latest about Miley? What’s the hottest upcoming Hollywood movie? Is Katy Perry pregnant? Any developments on Katy Perry tour schedule 2015? Answer all these questions with Glam Life’s help. It updates you with the latest Hollywood news and fashion, TV shows, films, and a lot more.

Lady Gaga’s ARTPOP

The inimitable pop star recently launched her mobile app that has gained great reviews. Upon starting the app, you’ll see Petga, a virtual character that will help you set up your aura. That basically means you’ll enter your name, age, location, personality type, forms of artistic expression, and preferred ARTPOP theme. When done, you’ll have your own aura in a form of a shiny ball that will change as you use the app more. You can of course listen to Gaga’s songs, chat with other Little Monsters, and express yourself through pics or GIFs.

Wake Up With Pam

Men, you’ll have the chance to wake up next to Pamela Anderson. Virtually, that is. This app wakes you with a sizzling video of Pam enticing you to get out of bed.

Taylor Swift Greeting Cards

Delight someone’s day or tell them you miss them through greeting cards inspired by the country singer. These pretty cards spread positive vibes, which we all need once in a while!

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