Exposing Your Child to Music is a Good Thing

By now, you must already understand that children who are exposed to music turn out to be really brilliant as they get older. There are those who develop a passion in music. They become singers or musicians. This is why most pregnant women would listen to wonderful songs throughout their term. Others would even place headphones on their tummy to allow the fetus to listen to mellow songs.

As long as the songs are relaxing, it won’t be a problem. Just make sure to lower the volume down. You may also sing for your baby if you have a great singing voice. This should be done not only during pregnancy but also throughout infancy.

Singing lullabies

It helps that you sing lullabies to your baby. It will help the baby fall asleep easily. Aside from that, it also helps the baby grow healthy. They need enough sleep as they are still at a developing stage. By letting them listen to relaxing songs, it is easier for them to just close their eyes and fall asleep. Their bodies grow healthier when they get enough sleep.

Studies have also revealed that babies that are exposed to lullabies turn out to be brilliant in academics. There is a significant link between exposure to music and academic performance. Perhaps, it is because music creates an emotional response from the child. There is a part of the brain that is stimulated when an emotional response takes place.

For mommies who can’t sing lullabies, it is not a problem. Play recorded songs instead. They are also effective. There is also no need to limit your options to lullabies. Other babies prefer classical songs. As long as you stay away from rock songs or rap, it should be fine. Babies will easily fall asleep and feel relaxed. The reason why lullabies are deemed really effective is because according to studies, the rhythm of the lullabies imitates their actual heartbeat. As a result, they feel more relaxed.

Instead of singing or playing recorded songs, try playing a guitar. If you know how to play one, use your skill in exposing your baby to music. Again, song choice is essential. There are songs that make babies easily feel relaxed. Check out esp ltd guitars for quality guitars that last for a long time.

Developing a bond

Perhaps, the best reason why exposing your baby to music is essential is because you are developing a bond with each other. This bond becomes stronger as the child grows older. Parents who didn’t spend enough time with their children at a young age end up drifting further apart from each other. Some children even reach a point where they rebel against their parents. On the other hand, those who have developed a strong connection with their children at a young age become even closer as they grow older.

Go ahead and search for the best songs to let your baby listen to. Seek for recommendations from other mommies who have also tried singing to their babies.

Preparing Your House to Welcome a Newborn Baby

babyNewborn babies are such a joy. Perhaps, everyone in the family is excited to finally have a child to take care of. Though it is exciting, it is also challenging especially for first time parents. If you are one of them, then you have to do everything you possibly could to provide the right kind of care for your child.

Baby-proof the house

You need to tape the edges of the furniture, remove breakable items, throw away sharp objects and keep dangerous items out of reach. You might say that the baby won’t reach those places anyway, but the truth is that it will just be a matter of time before they can finally start crawling, walking and running around. You have to make sure that they are totally safe and protected.

Prepare all the baby items 

You must have a checklist of everything that your baby needs. This includes milk, food, diapers, medicines, toys and many others. You should also prepare the nursery room too. Make sure that the paint has dried and it won’t cause suffocation. You should also write the prescription of your doctor from medicines to the type of milk that your baby must drink.

Buy the right clothes

You might have prepared for your baby’s clothes. You need to understand though that you must start preparing as he grows older. It is just a matter of time before he starts to outgrow himself and not fit in the clothes you have bought. Babies grow big really quickly. They are at that stage where their body parts are developing. You need to prepare only a few clothes for each stage of their development so you won’t spend a lot of money.

Make sure you have clean drinking water

You need to sterilize the water your baby drinks. Sometimes though, it won’t be enough if your water is really dirty, therefore, it helps if you hire plumber Para Hills now to deal with your plumbing issues. If the water needs treatment or if you have faucets that have to be fixed, then now is the time to do them. Babies are extra sensitive especially when it comes to the food and water they put on their mouth. You can’t afford to see your baby be brought to the hospital because of dirty water. if you can hire the best plumber Para Hills now to solve this issue, then you have to do it.

Change your attitude 

You might be used to your life with only you and your partner. You drink beer any time you want and stay really late. You also eat anything you want. Now that you have a baby, you need to change. You must choose what to eat and even what music you listen to. You have to create an environment which is conducive for the baby and will also make him feel relaxed and loved.

Having a baby at home is tough, but babies are always a blessing. You have to cherish them.