Devices to Carry When Leaving Out of Town

From suitcases to power sockets, international-compatible phones and entertainment, we have collected a list of the best and latest gizmos, gadgets and essentials for any business trip either abroad or domestic. Though your passport is essential too so don’t you ever forget it!

So whether you are just on a road trip or going away for a long-haul, transatlantic flight, you will be needing these essential gadgets to keep you organized, connected, productive, powered up and well entertained.

Kensington Absolute Power

Power is one of the essential things that a lot of us forget when traveling. This gadget will keep your devices, including laptops and USB-powered gizmos charged with up to 100watts of power. It is light, small and comes with detachable adapters that can power up a variety of other gadgets, including iPhones or Android phones, and almost any kind of laptop on the market.

Universal plug adapters

If you are traveling to another country, you will need a number of plug adapters so that any power cords you carry with you will be able to plug-and-play straight away. Buy at least two so that your phone, table or laptop can receive simultaneous charging.

Nokia 301 (international-compatible phone)

Going abroad? You will need a phone that will work with a foreign SIM card so you can text, make phone calls and access data on the practical and cheaper scale. It’s lightweight and simple to use, and quad-band for multi-national use. At the same time the phone can reach speed up to HSPA or 3.5G allowing you with fast and secured mobile on the go.

iPod touch (music device)

The latest fifth-generation iPod touch is lighter, thinner “iPad for your pocket,” It features a four-inch, high-resolution display fit for keeping you company on the journey with a clear audio quality, or entertained on a flight with a crisp and sharp display. You will be able to hear your favorite country singers like Hank Williams, Blake Shelton, or Justin Moore songs (more about Justin Moore bio here) even outside the country, or any other downloaded song of your choice anytime and anywhere not needing the reach of network coverage.