Linux Runs Smoothly With Different OS

unity4announced-06-19-12-02-1340108319Everyone is going crazy for Windows and Mac OS. But don’t underestimate the power of Linux. Having the know-how on how to run Linux is important. Linux can run many things at home even if you’re not using it as your main OS for your desktop. Here are the things you can gradually learn with Linux if you’re not yet decided to go all the way with this OS.

  1. Linux can turn you into a troubleshooting expert. All you need is a live CD then you can boot a computer to fix them. If you accidentally formatted your hard drive you can use Linux as a rescue disc. You’ll be surprised of the help it will give you to be a troubleshooting expert.
  1. Partnering with Chrome is the gateway to numerous awesome apps. Fortunately you can install Linux combined with Chrome OS then run a conventional desktop with lots of cool apps. Great apps for editing, video, games, images will come in handy.
  1. Easy way to webhosting. You may be shocked on the fact that there are many websites that are run by Linux. If you’re running a business, you need to have your own personal webpage like the Play Safe Dogs. It’s important today because people use the web in finding things like kitchen wares, gadgets and even the best dog foods for puppies. With the help of Linux you can even host your own RSS feed.
  1. Linux restores old, slow PC in your house. Perhaps this is one of the best uses of Linux. If you’re PC is outdated, running Windows is the worst idea. You can try Ubuntu, a lightweight Linux distribution and you’ll see the difference. It’s like your PC has been renewed. It may not be capable of doing what Windows are able to do but it’s better than having an efficient computer at home.

It will give you an opportunity to learn by yourself. If you are not convinced with the benefits that Linux is giving you, then you can just do some DIY experiment on how it works. You will not just be surprised of what you will discover but you will also find your way learning about computer stuffs.

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