Preparing for Titanfall: Important News This Week in Technology

Titanfall_box_artThis last week has been filled with tons of different updates to the tech world. Most of them have been about robotics and the potential of cybernetics, but a lot of them are still light hearted. During this week, there will be at least 2 major game releases and a few news stories that you might have missed. If you don’t keep that close of a watch on tech news, then you can check out these most stories from all around the Internet.

Titanfall Crashes Literally

Titanfall is one of the most anticipated games of 2014 and it was finally released this week on North American shores. For Microsoft, this game meant a lot more than just a new franchise. Titanfall was supposed to be the game that boosted Xbox One sales, but as it stands, there are problems. First off, the game seems to crash more on the Xbox. At first, there were widespread issues with connectivity; almost no one could connect to the game servers. Another intermittent problem was the crash while customizing gear from the main menu. Within 6 hours Respawn Entertainment has addressed these issues with a patch. Of course, there are still bug reports popping up every once in a while, so you should watch out.

Dark Souls II Ramps Up the Pain

As if the S&M experience Dark Souls I wasn’t enough, the developer upped and created a sequel to the nearly impossible game. The game has received countless positive scores across the board and the hype doesn’t look like it’s dying down. The combat is tighter and refined, so battles feel more in your control. The trademark painful difficulty is still there, but while it is unreasonable, it does try to teach you lessons.

Tales from the Borderlands

Telltale games has grown quite the reputation over their last few releases. The Wolf Among Us was critically acclaimed and its second episode received no less praise. Not to mention their break out hit The Walking Dead. This take on the Borderlands universe is a little strange and is a departure from Telltale’s usual stuff. In it, you get backstory to the huge universe that is Borderlands and it might actually turn out well. And if you’re looking to keep entertained this weekend, why not jump on the leg for Daniel Tosh tour tickets?

Devices to Carry When Leaving Out of Town

From suitcases to power sockets, international-compatible phones and entertainment, we have collected a list of the best and latest gizmos, gadgets and essentials for any business trip either abroad or domestic. Though your passport is essential too so don’t you ever forget it!

So whether you are just on a road trip or going away for a long-haul, transatlantic flight, you will be needing these essential gadgets to keep you organized, connected, productive, powered up and well entertained.

Kensington Absolute Power

Power is one of the essential things that a lot of us forget when traveling. This gadget will keep your devices, including laptops and USB-powered gizmos charged with up to 100watts of power. It is light, small and comes with detachable adapters that can power up a variety of other gadgets, including iPhones or Android phones, and almost any kind of laptop on the market.

Universal plug adapters

If you are traveling to another country, you will need a number of plug adapters so that any power cords you carry with you will be able to plug-and-play straight away. Buy at least two so that your phone, table or laptop can receive simultaneous charging.

Nokia 301 (international-compatible phone)

Going abroad? You will need a phone that will work with a foreign SIM card so you can text, make phone calls and access data on the practical and cheaper scale. It’s lightweight and simple to use, and quad-band for multi-national use. At the same time the phone can reach speed up to HSPA or 3.5G allowing you with fast and secured mobile on the go.

iPod touch (music device)

The latest fifth-generation iPod touch is lighter, thinner “iPad for your pocket,” It features a four-inch, high-resolution display fit for keeping you company on the journey with a clear audio quality, or entertained on a flight with a crisp and sharp display. You will be able to hear your favorite country singers like Hank Williams, Blake Shelton, or Justin Moore songs (more about Justin Moore bio here) even outside the country, or any other downloaded song of your choice anytime and anywhere not needing the reach of network coverage.

Tips When Traveling to a Concert in a Far Venue

There are a lot of musicians out there who deserve to be followed every time they have a concert. Even if you have seen them perform before, you still get excited seeing them perform every time. This is true especially for rock bands that are as good as Imagine Dragons. Lucky for you, they are set for a concert tour this 2014. Thus, if you are a huge fan and you intend to follow the concert tour, you might have to follow them even if you live several miles away from the venue. If you are driving all the way to reach the concert, here are some tips that you need to remember:

  • Don’t forget to pack all the essentials ahead of time. This includes your personal belongings, gadgets, concert tickets, food, repair kit, cash, and many others. If you are driving for more than 5 hours, you might also need to plan in advance where you will do a stopover to get something to eat or perhaps refuel.
  • Determine key places on the way to the venue just you need to get something. This includes a department store, ATM machine, repair shop, gas station, police station, and calling stations. You might have to stop to these places when needed.
  • Drive to the venue several hours ahead of time. It is better to be way advanced than the original schedule rather than be late. Take note that popular musicians can really stir heavy traffic. Therefore, you need to have a margin of time considering all factors.
  • Upon arrival to the venue, observe the instructions of security staff. Make sure that you know where to go for exit. You also have to park your car on a safe place. If you notice someone doing something illegal or planning something dangerous, you have to report them immediately.

Once you have done these preparations, you are all set for the concert. You can check out imagine dragons 2015 tour for some more ideas.

Avoid the Mistakes That Can Surely Ruin a Weekend Getaway

It has been said that even a short vacation can fully recharge you mentally and physically. I want to add to that. I want to say that you can achieve this by careful planning and learning to avoid simple mistakes that can ruin your weekend holiday. Believe me I have been a victim of these mistakes too, which is why I want to share them with you.

Booking a hotel far away from the attractions

You have very limited time so find a hotel that is very near where you are planning to be. If you look for a cheaper hotel that it outside of the city limits, your time on the road will eat up the time that you should spend enjoying the sights that you came to see.

Checking in your luggage

You actually do not have to bring much for a weekend vacation, so do not bother with a big suitcase that will not fit in the overhead compartment. Pack wisely and only bring the things that are absolutely necessary to fit in an overnight bag. This will allow you to be in and out of the airport real quick, giving you more time to enjoy your stay.

Do not try to see everything

Your goal for the weekend trip is to recharge, so you should be relaxing and not stressing yourself by trying to see everything there is to see. Find the attractions beforehand and decide which ones you would absolutely like to visit. The rest of the time you can spend enjoying the beauty of the city with leisurely walks.

Forgetting time differences

You should prepare for the different times zone as soon as you arrive, going by the new one. This will help you to adjust faster and deal with jet lag. Get plenty of outdoor activities so you will enjoy the sun and fresh air, which will give you energy.

If you are planning to watch one of the legs of the Bruno Mars 2015 tour during your weekend getaway, make sure you check out the date and venue early so you can already book your tickets.

Blake Shelton Has His Own App

blake-shelton-cc-mia-0912spAlmost all of famous artists have their own app, so why not Blake Shelton? He’s that gorgeous judge in The Voice with the ridiculous height and ridiculously great voice. I remember singing and swaying with his first ever hit single “Austin” which pretty much put him into the spotlight of country music.

Since then he got so many awards. In 2001 he was nominated as the Top New Male Vocalist, but in 2013 he finally bagged the Male Vocalist of the Year. He was so awesome, his album “Based On A True Story” was the Album of the Year in the 2013 American Country Awards.

His team in The Voice won three consecutive times already. He got a lot of accomplishments, including the song he co-wrote with his wife, Miranda Lambert, titled Over You. This was the 2012 CMA Awards Song of the Year. It spoke of Blake’s tragic teenage experience as his brother, Richie, died on a car accident.

All of his awesomeness are captured by his own app, perhaps. The Blake Shelton All Access mobile app lives up to its name. It gives you access to latest happenings, like Shelton’s snide comment to Britney Spears’ performance skills at the ACM Awards just yesterday, April 6. It wasn’t pretty.

You can also see countless photos of Blake with Miranda during every event they go to. You also don’t have to hop on YouTube to watch his music videos; it’s all in his app. You can watch HillBilly Gone any time you want to. It also gives you access to all of his songs and upcoming concerts. Track his whereabouts and schedule of tours to see if he’ll be near your area any time soon. This was how I knew all about Blake Shelton tickets 2015.

You can also check his official Facebook and Twitter account in this app. He regularly updates his profile for song production, music events, collaborations, ticket promos, family life, every day goings on, and more.

The app is compatible with iOS and Android, so you can get it whatever mobile device you have. It’s also free, so all you have to do is install it and overdose yourself with Blake Shelton.

5 Quirky Celebrity Apps

unnamedCelebrities have their own perfumes and calendars, so why not have their own app? Fortunately for fans, celebrities are embracing the mobile trend and several apps are now available for a few bucks or absolutely for free. There are all sorts of apps to satisfy everyone’s fandom needs. While some are total nonsense, here are five of the smart celebrity apps that are actually worth your time:

Celebrity GeoSpotter

Stalk all you want with this iPhone app which shows you exactly where your favorite star was last spotted. That’s pretty risky for the celebrities, if you ask me. How it works? Users can “spot” a celebrity; simply click the “I See One” button and select the celebrity you’ve seen. The app is easy to navigate so stalk to your heart’s content with no sweat at all.

Glam Life

What’s the latest about Miley? What’s the hottest upcoming Hollywood movie? Is Katy Perry pregnant? Any developments on Katy Perry tour schedule 2015? Answer all these questions with Glam Life’s help. It updates you with the latest Hollywood news and fashion, TV shows, films, and a lot more.

Lady Gaga’s ARTPOP

The inimitable pop star recently launched her mobile app that has gained great reviews. Upon starting the app, you’ll see Petga, a virtual character that will help you set up your aura. That basically means you’ll enter your name, age, location, personality type, forms of artistic expression, and preferred ARTPOP theme. When done, you’ll have your own aura in a form of a shiny ball that will change as you use the app more. You can of course listen to Gaga’s songs, chat with other Little Monsters, and express yourself through pics or GIFs.

Wake Up With Pam

Men, you’ll have the chance to wake up next to Pamela Anderson. Virtually, that is. This app wakes you with a sizzling video of Pam enticing you to get out of bed.

Taylor Swift Greeting Cards

Delight someone’s day or tell them you miss them through greeting cards inspired by the country singer. These pretty cards spread positive vibes, which we all need once in a while!

The Making of a Computer Genius

da4e2d79c05b229c7303fb23e207e978There is no such thing as a natural or born computer genius. Although the trait may be acquired early in life, a person does not possess computer ability as an inborn quality. Computer knowledge and expertise is earned and acquired by means of rigid and consistent study and application. Nonetheless, any person regardless of age has the potential to be a computer genius by following certain methods.

  • Get assistance from an expert. You can enroll in a computer course if you prefer so. It is very rare that a person successfully masters the intricacies of computer science without the help of someone with in depth knowledge and experience. If you have kids who are computer savvy, you may ask assistance from them but sometimes it can be frustrating because kids will be kids. Too many questions might annoy them.
  • Stack up on tech books and periodicals. Online tutorials can be helpful but if you want a more thorough learning, read books and magazines on computer stuff.
  • Have a thorough knowledge about various computer applications and programs. Update your computer as well by installing them for your own use.
  • Join forums that dwell on techie stuff. You can sign up to be a member of certain sites devoted to computers. Participate actively in the discussions and do not be shy to ask questions.
  • Equip yourself with knowledge on computer jargon and lingo. Memorize the short cuts of technological terms and use them when chatting with computer wizards.
  • Put up a blog where you can chronicle your learning. Some visitors to your site may be able to give useful inputs that will enhance whatever knowledge you already have.
  • Be visible online. Sign up at Yahoo, Google, Hotmail and popular social media networks.
  • Keep applying the computer theories you have learned. The most effective way to become an expert in computers is to have hands on application as often as you can.

When you have already acquired basic computer skills, try to devote time in browsing the Internet. Visit as many sites as you can that can help you polish your surfing skills. To randomly search for websites, type the topic like unfinished kitchen cabinets and you will be led to a particular homepage on said subject matter.