Preparing for Titanfall: Important News This Week in Technology

Titanfall_box_artThis last week has been filled with tons of different updates to the tech world. Most of them have been about robotics and the potential of cybernetics, but a lot of them are still light hearted. During this week, there will be at least 2 major game releases and a few news stories that you might have missed. If you don’t keep that close of a watch on tech news, then you can check out these most stories from all around the Internet.

Titanfall Crashes Literally

Titanfall is one of the most anticipated games of 2014 and it was finally released this week on North American shores. For Microsoft, this game meant a lot more than just a new franchise. Titanfall was supposed to be the game that boosted Xbox One sales, but as it stands, there are problems. First off, the game seems to crash more on the Xbox. At first, there were widespread issues with connectivity; almost no one could connect to the game servers. Another intermittent problem was the crash while customizing gear from the main menu. Within 6 hours Respawn Entertainment has addressed these issues with a patch. Of course, there are still bug reports popping up every once in a while, so you should watch out.

Dark Souls II Ramps Up the Pain

As if the S&M experience Dark Souls I wasn’t enough, the developer upped and created a sequel to the nearly impossible game. The game has received countless positive scores across the board and the hype doesn’t look like it’s dying down. The combat is tighter and refined, so battles feel more in your control. The trademark painful difficulty is still there, but while it is unreasonable, it does try to teach you lessons.

Tales from the Borderlands

Telltale games has grown quite the reputation over their last few releases. The Wolf Among Us was critically acclaimed and its second episode received no less praise. Not to mention their break out hit The Walking Dead. This take on the Borderlands universe is a little strange and is a departure from Telltale’s usual stuff. In it, you get backstory to the huge universe that is Borderlands and it might actually turn out well. And if you’re looking to keep entertained this weekend, why not jump on the leg for Daniel Tosh tour tickets?