The Making of a Computer Genius

da4e2d79c05b229c7303fb23e207e978There is no such thing as a natural or born computer genius. Although the trait may be acquired early in life, a person does not possess computer ability as an inborn quality. Computer knowledge and expertise is earned and acquired by means of rigid and consistent study and application. Nonetheless, any person regardless of age has the potential to be a computer genius by following certain methods.

  • Get assistance from an expert. You can enroll in a computer course if you prefer so. It is very rare that a person successfully masters the intricacies of computer science without the help of someone with in depth knowledge and experience. If you have kids who are computer savvy, you may ask assistance from them but sometimes it can be frustrating because kids will be kids. Too many questions might annoy them.
  • Stack up on tech books and periodicals. Online tutorials can be helpful but if you want a more thorough learning, read books and magazines on computer stuff.
  • Have a thorough knowledge about various computer applications and programs. Update your computer as well by installing them for your own use.
  • Join forums that dwell on techie stuff. You can sign up to be a member of certain sites devoted to computers. Participate actively in the discussions and do not be shy to ask questions.
  • Equip yourself with knowledge on computer jargon and lingo. Memorize the short cuts of technological terms and use them when chatting with computer wizards.
  • Put up a blog where you can chronicle your learning. Some visitors to your site may be able to give useful inputs that will enhance whatever knowledge you already have.
  • Be visible online. Sign up at Yahoo, Google, Hotmail and popular social media networks.
  • Keep applying the computer theories you have learned. The most effective way to become an expert in computers is to have hands on application as often as you can.

When you have already acquired basic computer skills, try to devote time in browsing the Internet. Visit as many sites as you can that can help you polish your surfing skills. To randomly search for websites, type the topic like unfinished kitchen cabinets and you will be led to a particular homepage on said subject matter.

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